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Guided by the pride of being Korea’s first textbook publisher, we are devoted to developing learner-centric, high-quality textbooks that nurture creative and convergent talents. The history of MiraeN is entwined with the history of Korean textbooks. Driven by a sense of responsibility to cultivate the nation’s future leaders, we have consistently crafted exceptional textbooks. Our mission is to create a happy and fulfilling school education that fosters dreams and nurtures talent by providing textbooks that align with the demands of the times.

The pride of publishing education representing Korea

  • Ranked 1st in evaluation for the publication rights of government-designated textbooks 2017~2019/2020~2022/2022~2025
    Elementary Korean
  • Ranked 1st for authorized and approved textbooks of the Revised National Curriculum 2015
  • Ranked 1st in the pass rate for authorized and approved textbooks of the Revised National Curriculum 2007
  • Ranked 1st in the publication rate for government designated, authorized, and approved textbooks of the 7th National Curriculum

Since 1948, History of MiraeN Textbook

  • 17,520 Hours As of Elementary Korean Textbook
  • 2 Billion Copies As of 2021
  • 2008
  • 195 km From Seoul to Pyeongyang
  • 26,400 People As of 2020
  • 17,520 Times 17,520 Times

    It's the time it takes to make an easy-to-understand and interesting textbook. (On average, it takes two years.) In order for a textbook to be made, it has to go through various processes such as planning, writing, and deliberation. MiraeN is working on research again today to make the best textbooks.

  • 2 Billion Copies 2 Billion Copies

    Since its inception with the publication of elementary textbook "The Development of Korea" and the middle school textbook "Nuechigi" in 1949, we have been consistently publishing national curriculum textbooks until today. Each book with an average height of 25cm, lining up the total number of textbooks published until today, it would stretch up to 520,000 kilometers - enough to circle around the Earth 13 times.

  • 2008 2008

    In order to create textbooks that students can see with confidence, MiraeN obtained the "Waterless (Eco-friendly) Printing Company Certification" in 2008 with a sense of obligation to environmental management. This not only solved the odor problem, which was a chronic problem in the existing printing method, but also contributed to reducing environmental pollution.

  • 195 km 195 km

    In 2006, MiraeN donated spinning machines to North Korea through UNESCO and dispatched engineers to provide North Korea's elementary and secondary education. It can be improved. This is despite the tension between the two Koreas due to North Korea's nuclear test at the time. It was an opportunity to open the door for inter-Korean educational cooperation.

  • 26,400 People 26,400 People

    MiraeN has been holding a ‘Handwriting Contest’ for elementary school students since 2016 to share the warmth and beauty of handwriting, and since 2017, it has also been holding a ‘Textbook Creative Writing Contest’ to find handwriting for elementary school Korean language textbooks. A total of 25,000 elementary school students applied for the contest, which was held 5 and 4 times, respectively, and among them, the winning works were developed in actual typeface, reflected in elementary school textbooks, and reflected in textbook writing.

Textbook Elementary School

Enabling students to flourish as future talents, we publish a wide array of textbooks. Our range of textbooks includes Korean language that instill creativity and effective communications, and other subjects like applied arts and fine arts help unleash the full potentials of the young minds. Elementary School book

Textbook Middle School

We create textbooks that cultivate essential skills for everyday life while instilling upright character and nurturing qualities of democratic citizenship. Middle School book

Textbook High School

We work to create a comprehensive textbooks that cater students’ aptitudes and talents, enabling them to carve their career paths and evolve into global citizens who can effectively communicate with the world. High School book

Textbook Accessible Textbooks

We creative opportunities for individuals with disabilities (hearing, visual, intellectual, physical, etc.) to have equitable educational opportunities regardless of their disability status. Our aim is to foster them into future talents, providing equal changes for growth and development. Textbooks for the Disabled book