About Us Value System

Founding Philosophy


Founder Wooseok Kim Ki-oh
Authentic education stands as
our nation’s sole beacon of survival
If the new educators of this nation raise the new talents of this country, the derogatory label of being a weak nation will hide its own tail and conceal its traces.
  • Nation-building through Education

    To accomplish the pressing task of national education establishment after the liberation, MiraeN promptly launched a national education project by publishing and supplying textbooks, thereby realizing sovereignty education.

  • Fostering skills through education

    During the period with limited resources and uncertain profitability, we published specialized textbooks for the industrial sector, considering the future of the nation through practical education.

  • Nation-building through Publishing

    To achieve a knowledge powerhouse through publishing, we released literary magazines, 'Hyundaemunhak'(Mondern Literature) and children’s magazine 'So-nyeon' (New Youth).

Management Philosophy

Late Mokjeong Kim Kwang-soo,
the Honorary Chairman
Education molds talents,
and talents shape the future
Since 1961, Honorary Chairman Kim Kwang-soo has led MiraeN, transforming it into Korea’s leading educational publishing company.
  • Honesty

    In all things, be honest.

  • Humility

    Be humble towards others.

  • Dedication

    Dedicate yourself to serving society.

Mission & Vision

Mision Vision