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MiraeN, the Forefront of K-publishing

Since 2002, MiraeN has embarked on an international journey, licensing translation rights of trade books to 12 different territories. Our reach includes Taiwan, China, Japan, Vietnam, France, and Spain. Notably, our educomic books from the MiraeN i-seum collection, such as "Surviving," "Treasure Hunt," "Tomorrow, I’m the Experiment King Series" and "Britannica Educational Comics," have pioneered a new genre in the overseas publishing market, gaining significant popularity.

  • Translation rights to 12 different territories
  • Overseas sales KRW 186B /
    Copyright revenue KRW 17.5B Last 5 years (2018-2022)
  • Over 60 million copies sold worldwide(2002~2022)

K-educomics with international popularity

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SeriesThe Surviving

"The Surviving" is an educational comic book series that narrates the journey of a protagonist overcoming difficult situations in hospitable environments including deserts, deep seas, and extreme climates by utilizing scientific knowledge and ingenuity. It has sold over 34 million copies worldwide in countries such as the United States, Japan, Thailand, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Taiwan, and has established itself as a global steady seller. The Surviving books

SeriesThe Treasure Hunt

"The Treasure Hunt" is a comic book series for learning history in which the protagonist travels around the world cities such as Shanghai, Lisbon, and Bangkok to discover treasures with clues from history and mythology. It is translated and published into 7 different territories including China, Taiwan, and Thailand. It has sold over 11 million copies in China alone, more than 3 million copies in Taiwan, and 2 million copies in Thailand. The Treasure Hunt books

SeriesBritannica Educational Comics

"Britannica Educational Comics", published in collaboration with Encyclopedia Britannica of the US, stands the world’s first series of encyclopedic-comics, encompassing a comprehensive range of elementary school curriculum content. Contracts for foreign rights have been signed in 5 different territories including China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Japan. Particularly in China, it quickly rose to bestselling title upon its publication. Britannica Educational Comics books

Extending the territory reach for adult books

In addition to educational comics, various adult books including picture books such as "The Moment When Your Vague Talents Become Weapons", " What Is Your Zodiac Sign? ", and "Extreme Dog Owner", as well as webtoons, essays, and self-help books also awaits for their publication in foreign languages after finalizing the contract with prominent foreign partners. adult books