About Us Greetings from CEO

Propelling our journey as the frontrunner in educational publishing.

Established in 1948 under the entrepreneurial spirit of "Nation-building through Education," "Fostering skills through education," and "Nation-building through Publishing", MiraeN has established itself as a leading education company in South Korea, contributing to nurturing talents essential for the country’s development.

MireaN’s journey began with the historic milestone of "Korea’s First Textbook Publication," followed by the development of horizontal typeface "Daegyochae," the introduction to CTP (Computer-to-Plate) system, the establishment of the nation’s only textbook museum, eco-friendly offset printing with waterless plates, and being selected as the first "prestigious longevity company" among mid-sized companies, setting numerous records of "firsts" while publishing elementary, middle and high school textbooks and educational materials.

Moreover, starting with the founding of the pure literature magazine "Hyundaemunhak" in 1955, MiraeN expanded its publishing business, publishing books ranging from children’s to adult literature, leading the growth of the South Korean publishing industry. Through continuous challenges to create customer value and broadening its business scope, MiraeN has been engaged in various social contribution activities for a better future.

Based on the belief of the late Chairman Kim Kwang-soo that "the profit of the company must be returned to society," MiraeN has been carrying out scholarship programs since 1973 through Mokjeong Scholarship Foundation (now known as the Mokjeong Mirae Foundation). Moving forward, we will continue to fulfill social responsibility as a company in line with MiraeN’s vision of ‘New Learning, Greater Joy‘ to support students and teachers to develop their capabilities continuously in an engaging educational environment.

MiraeN continuously strives for change, embracing the spirit of "Trust, Communication, Creativity, and Challenge." responding to the demands of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, such as digital textbooks and the convergence of online and offline content. With this spirit, we aspire to become a 100-year-old company that continues to grow and flourish alongside our valued customers.

Thank you.
Shin Kwang-soo, CEO of MiraeN