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Surpassing 70 years of history, we sprint towards greatness with an array of diverse educational contents

The First Leader

“MiraeN” represents the living testament to the rich history of education in Korea.

  • 1949

    Publishes the first textbook <Nongjakmul> ("Agricultural Plant") and 18 others.

    image 1949
  • 1958

    Creates the first textbook typeface <Daegyochae>

    image 1958
  • 1961

    Issues the first newsletter of the publishing industry <Sau> ("Colleague")

    image 1961
  • 2000

    Introduces the first printing CTP system

    image 2000
  • 2003

    Opens the first museum of textbook

    image 2003
  • 2015

    Publishes the first encyclopedic-comic <Britannica Educational Comics>

    image 2015

The Best Leader

MiraeN's accomplishments driven by a relentless spirit of challenge.

  • image best01

    A leading publisher renowned for producing over 9,000 high-quality textbooks

  • image best02

    Top rank in the evaluation for the publication rights of government-designated textbooks

  • image best03

    Top rank in authorized textbooks for 2015 National Curriculum Revision

  • image best04

    Educomic book series published in 12 different languages and over 60 million copies sold worldwide

  • image best05

    MiraeN's children’s drama, "Tomorrow, I’m the Experiment King" ranked first in its time slot

  • image best06

    Industry's first web drama "Mischievous Detectives" surpassed 10 million views