Business Printing

A printing business with a 70-year legacy of know-how and rigorous quality control With over 74 years of expertise, MireaN has been at the forefront, providint the best printing results tailored to customer needs. As South Korea’s largest and technologically advanced facility, we boast strict quality control and a flawless supply system, showcasing the excellence of the country’s printing technology. Leading the printing market, MiraeN represents South Korea with its total solution approach, built upon extensive know-how from producing and delivering numerous printing products. The MiraeN printing factory, located in Sejong-si, has a single-factory production and supply system with a land area of 72,000 square meters, a factory size of 8,000 square meters, and a warehouse size of 2,000 square meters.

For 73 years, we have been producing packaging products for domestic food-related companies, including the Ottogi Group, by combining a pleasant working environment suitable for food and pharmaceutical packaging, specialized personnel as packaging specialists, a differentiated quality management system, printing expertise, and eco-friendly technology. We pursue convenient production for customers from design, development, production to logistics and propose differentiated packaging to offer new value to customers and maximize the value of products.

package factory
Business Site Overview
Division Usage Total floor area (pyeong) Note
Building A (22 Buildings) production plant 1,440 (436 pyeong)
Building B (22 Buildings) product warehouse 2,003 (606 pyeong) Including about 170 pyeong
of the mezzanine floor
Total 3,443 (1,042 pyeong)
Division Building A
(22 Buildings)
Building B
(22 Buildings)
Usage production
Total floor area (pyeong) 1,440
(436 pyeong)
(606 pyeong)
Total 3,443 (1,042 pyeong)
Note Including about
170 pyeong of the
mezzanine floor
  • Operating
    a semi-clean room
    Air shower booth installed
  • Fire protection Firewalls, fire doors, etc.
  • Securing
    exhaust facilities
    Coating Facility Room
  • Reception room Showroom, Rest facilities

Package Features

A pleasant working environment suitable
for food and pharmaceutical packaging

Package Features
Operating a semi-clean room
Wearing dustproof clothing/hoods/masks
Operating an air shower to reduce product contamination.

Strong manpower as a specialized packaging company

Strong manpower as a specialized packaging company
Possessing nationally certified packaging technology professionals
Operating at the highest level of printing technology in Korea (with 20-30 years of experience)
Experience in producing various types of paper from low-volume paper to corrugated cardboard.

Facilities equipped for improving quality

Facilities equipped for improving quality
Introduction and operation of CMS (Color Management System)
Introduction of spectrophotometers and CIP3 systems
Possession of adhesive inspection equipment
Installation of humidifiers in all printing process areas


Environmentally friendly dot printing technology
Use of antibacterial ink and antiviral printing technology
MiraeN’s original CMS
Eco-friendly printing
  1. 01 Sample
    (Dummy Box)
    Structural Design CAD Drawing
  2. 02 Package
    Quark, Illust, Photoshop, PDF File Graphic Design
  3. 03 Printing
    White duplex board (Ivory, sc manila, art paper etc.)
  4. 04 Making Plate
    Data processing, CTP output, PROOFS (Correction)
  5. 05 Printing
    (Offset Printing)
    Primary color, spot color ink
  6. 06 Coating Classification of coatings by product concept (Varnishing Lamination)
  7. 07 Lamination
    (Paper Lamination)
    Laminating corrugated board and printing paper
  8. 08 Tomson
    (Die Cuting)
    Cutting in a certain shape (Requires a wooden mold for each shape)
  9. 09 Bond
    (Folder & Gluing)
    Adhesion by product specification (Single-sided, three-sided, four-sided, etc.)
  10. 10 Deliver Packing box preparation and deliver